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    The recent OSHA ruling on respirable silica dust created new standards for how dust must be managed in the workplace, affecting many construction site applications including cutting, grinding & breaking concrete. Herc Rentals makes it easy to protect your workforce, comply with new OSHA regulations, and maximize productivity on the job.

    Here’s What You Should Know

    What is Silica Dust?

    Silica is a common mineral found in materials we use for roads, buildings, and sidewalks. Exposures to silica dust can occur when cutting, drilling or crushing concrete, brick, or stone.

    Why Are New Standards Needed?

    Strong evidence shows that exposure to silica dust at the current permissible limits can still lead to silicosis and lung cancer.

    How Can Employers Comply?

    OSHA’s Table 1 offers pre-determined solutions based on common construction site applications, offering the simplest, most effective methods to comply with the new standard.

    You’ll also need to..
    Create Written Exposure Control PlansHerc Rentals can provide exposure control plan templates for the most common work site applications
    Train Your TeamContact your local Herc Rentals sales representative to lead hands-on equipment training with your team
    Designate a Key Competent PersonOur training team can partner with your site supervisor to ensure they are fully aware of the new standard and its requirements
    Keep Training RecordsWe’ll maintain written records of trainings that we complete for your team
    Limit Housekeeping PracticesSweeping can unnecessarily expose workers to silica dust. Herc Rentals has the vacuum systems needed to safely collect and contain dust.
    Applications & Solutions
    Product Selection Guide

    Herc Rentals has the equipment and expertise needed to achieve optimal performance safely, efficiently and effectively.

    Herc Rentals is here to ensure you achieve optimal performance on the job while complying with the new OSHA standard. Contact us at (888) 990-7512 or [email protected] with any questions or to schedule a hands-on training session with your team.